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VR game made during Disco:VR Game Jam. You are standing on top of a skyscraper in a low-poly cyber punk city, there's a plank before you extending past the building's edge. Will you be brave enough to walk on it?

- a plank (a real one), ideally 1 meter long
- Oculus Rift with Touch controllers

* Controls: 
- Right hand trigger - mark calibration point
- Right hand grip - restart calibration

Plank calibration instructions:
1. Place your right hand controller at the end of a plank (the real one) and click the trigger
2. Place your right hand controller at the begining of a plank (where you will be standing, also real plank) and click trigger again
3. Game world should adjust and virtual plank should be aligned to your real plank :) If it doesn't work, you can use Touch controller grip button to try again

Install instructions

Unpack the ZIP file and run the executable


DeskaVR.zip 28 MB

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