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A remake of an atari game "Heartlight", made as an educational project during Game Dev School course.

It aims to recreate all core features of the original, improve it's look and interface usability.


  • Arrows - character movement
  • Esc - restart current level
  • Page Up/Page Down - switch level

Main features:

  • 3 levels
  • Rock, grenade and baloon mechanics from the original game
  • Player can switch levels at any time
  • After beating all levels you can see a final cutscene


  • Iwona Cieśla (Design)
  • Tomasz Hajman (Design)
  • Stanisław Potulski (Graphic Artist)
  • Jakub Petruk (Coding)
  • Paweł Sołtys (Coding)

Install instructions

Unzip the package and run "GDS_Heartlight.exe" file. 
Certain aspects of gameplay can be tweaked by modifying a "settings.cfg" file.


Goat Light.zip 69 MB

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